I'm Not Going to Lie to You

I'm not going to lie to you,
I want to be fucked.

Hair-grabbing, neck-biting, sweat-dripping, fucked.

And not just by any old dude.
A particular dude.
A sweet dude.

A dude who,
I imagine and have imagined
many, many times,
can work me over in both the soft, tender way I like and the hard, fast way I've never had it.

But, I can't have it with this dude.
This dude is untouchable.
Circumstances won't allow it.
And, holy shit, does that make me want him more.

So, beyond fantasizing,
Dreaming about having him on top of me,
inside me, around me,
Lusting over his chest,
his neck, his arms,
Desperately wanting his cock penetrating all of me,
And holding back urges to whisper
"Fuck me, please" in his ear.

I'll just have to wait til there's someone I want to fuck more.