What's With People Nowadays

Can't a person
just hate
another person
without any logical reasoning behind it?

I mean really,
when did we get
so politically correct
as a culture
that I can't just call
a random guy a dick, if I choose to?

I can do just that.
But I can't do it
without looking like a bitch
or crazy
or a combination of them both.

Whatever happened to the old,
down home,

Why can't I call a black man
even if the term fits the slavery-appropriate insult?

Why can I only use,
"Jew bastard"
in jest,
and even then,
only with a close Jewish friend?

Why do women get
so upset
when I call them a "dumb broad"?

Don't women know
that some of them are women,
some of them are broads,
and all of them are dumb?

Is this not
common knowledge?

what's with people nowadays?